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60cm electric double oven offers 4 ceramic burners, fully-programmable touch control timer, rotary controls & easy clean enamel. A/A energy rating. A 24-hour digital clock that allows you to programme when your oven should switch on and turn off. A specially-designed enamel interior that prevents food from fusing to the surface, allowing you to wipe away spills easily when cleaning. Defrost your food more hygienically and in half the time using the defrost function which circulates room temperature air around the food. Perfect to defrost such as cakes or gateaux.

FARMHOUSE cheapest
Made in Britain, the stunning Belling Farmhouse 90cm black electric range cooker with induction offers 4 zone induction hotplate with smart Link+ technology, fully programmable Maxi-Clock and timer, fanned main electric oven, and a market leading tall oven capacity of 91L with 25 shelf positions. Additional features include touch control induction, defrost and slow cook functions and a variable electric grill. A/A energy rating. The 4 zone induction zones offer varied cooking element sizes including a large dual zone for larger pans. Link+ technology allows you to connect and control several zones on the hob surface for fully customisable cooking ideal for griddles and multiple pans when a larger cooking surface is needed. An even temperature is achieved through the fanned ovens as the air is circulated by an integral fan, so any shelf can be used making more use of the space – perfect for batch batching. A fanned oven also allows you to cook different foods together without transferring flavours For smaller portions, you can use half of the dual circuit grill width for economy, using the full width when you’re feeding the family. Vary the grilling power to suit your food with the precision dial. Defrost your food more hygienically and in half the time using the defrost function which circulates room temperature air around the food which makes it perfect for defrosting cakes. The slow cook function cooks food thoroughly and evenly on low temperatures as dishes can be cooking all day ready for when you get home from a hard day’s work. The 90cm Farmhouse range cooker also features an easy clean ceramic glass surface so you can keep your range cooker looking like new for longer. The energy efficiency rating on this model is A/A.

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