HotRox Electronic Hand Warmer

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HotRox Electronic Hand Warmer

HotRox Electronic Hand Warmer cheapest
HotRox Electronic Hand Warmers – The End To Cold Hands HotRox Hand Warmers are fantastic little electronic rechargeable handwarmers that will keep your hands and other parts of your body warm ideal for popping in your pocket and taking with you when you are heading off for a walk travelling commuting going to play golf horse riding and working in chilly office It is also suitable for those with poor circulation and medical conditions such as Raynaud s These hand warmers come with a USB charging lead so you can quickly charge them up by using any USB computer socket or USB wall socket – you probably use one to charge your phone Up to 6 Hours of Heat Once they are ready to go they offer up to 6 hours of heat on their medium setting and up to 3 hours of heat on the high setting We absolutely love the way that these electronic handwarmers are so simple safe and easy to use you turn them on you turn them off and they can be reused over and over again What more could you want HotRox handwarmers are made to be held The sleek tactile design measures just 19mm thin Simply turn HotRox on and grasp it lightly with the hand to allow the heat to transfer and warm up your hand Once your hand is warm you can transfer the HotRox handwarmer to the other hand and enjoy the warmth Of course there s nothing stopping you using two HotRox handwarmers at the same time Instant Heat At The Flick Of A Switch Each HotRox hand warmer features a specially designed heatplate When HotRox is turned on it will rapidly heat up in around 15 seconds When HotRox handwarmer is turned off it will cool down just as quick allowing true heat on demand HotRox handwarmers use rechargeable lithium battery technology which holds its charge for months on end so you always know it s ready for when you need it most

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